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Every unique human can become an Idena validator no matter who they are and where they live. To start mining Idena, you need to prove you are a unique human. It does not require the disclosure of any personal data (no KYC). You need to appear online when the validation ceremony starts and solve a series of flip-tests (CAPTCHAs).
2 weeks ago
Idena blockchain is driven by eco-friendly Proof-of-Person consensus. To verify transactions, Idena miner needs to have a valid cryptoidentity and keep their node online. Mining income does not depend on your hardware. It doesn’t require to use up high volumes of electricity, GPUs or mining rigs.
2 weeks ago
Idena implements a Proof-of-Person Sybil control mechanism and committee-based BFT consensus with fast finality. Every block mined by Idena validators is final with almost 100% probability, which means that blockchain forks are almost not possible. You need to wait just 2 blocks to make sure your transaction will be never reverted.
2 weeks ago
Blockchain transactions can be expensive. But Idena allows anyone to mine cryptocurrency and to spend it when using smart contracts.
2 weeks ago
Scalable blockchain performing thousands of transactions per second can be built without compromising its safety and decentralization. Sharding combined with cryptoidentity is the solution to the blockchain trilemma: network throughput increases with the number of validated users forming more and more new shards.
2 weeks ago
Onchain advertising allows to create an ecosystem with attention economy where advertisers pay iDNA to Idena Oracles to review their ads and then burn the coins to compete for the network attention, supporting sustainable economy of the Idena network.
鏈上廣告允許創造一種注意力經濟的生態系統,藉由廣告主支付DNA給Idena Oracle團體來評論他們的廣告,以及銷化加密貨幣來爭取網路關注,以支援Idena網路的可持續經濟。
2 weeks ago
Mining Idena coins is accessible for everyone who owns an average laptop with an Internet connection. All Idena participants are empowered to maintain the network and earn equal mining rewards. These rewards can be considered as a form of universal basic income.
2 weeks ago
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